Monday, August 31, 2009

review #2

Title: Say Hello to Black Jack
Alternate Title: Black Jack ni Yoroshiku
OM Rank: 912
Categories: drama, mature, medical , psychological, seinen
Author: Sato Syuho
Chapters: 13 - ongoing - irregular

Story about doctors life with corruption, pretty interesting and mature manga.
some jokes are included too, but 100% not for children :)
hope it will get interesting after 13 chapters.

so total:
blood scenes: 8/10
seinen: 6/10
story: 5/10
drama: 3/10

overall: u can see it only if nothing to look :) or u like blood and medical manga.

by din

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animanga of fans . first one;)

Naruto Manga Chapter Kyuubi Vs Minato ( english) Fan Fiction
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First Chapter;)

hello all and welcome to my blog;) here i will write about manga,anime,cartoon,serials!
review new one,old one,strange one. give some of my opinions on it, also planing to interview some mangakas in future! also questions to readers and post their opinions and answers!
so in this blog u can read about new mangas and anime, because its hard to know anything if naruto is dominating, but manga is not only about naruto and co;)

so here will be my first review:

1. Beach Stars.

comedy, ecchi, sport, seinen, schoollife some.
anime girls beach stars
story about teenager girl who love to play volleyball,but because of epicfail of trainer their club disbanded and she got to a beach and started to play BEACH VOLLEYBALL.Simple story,easy to read, some good ecchi scenes,jokes and good optimistic mood.Also some good fights will be so enjoy;)

comedy: 4/10
art: 7/10
ecchi: 9/10
story: 6/10

superhit? no:( but if u read top mangas 1 hour to look at some ecchi is good;)

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by din

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